Name Change

Legal name change in Canada

There are various types of legal name changes in Canada. These categories range from formal name changes for adults, formal name changes for children to changing your surname due to marriage or divorce. Different provinces in Canada each have their own jurisdictions over name changes. You will be required to change your name in the province where you reside.

Restrictions on name changes

Your request to change your name can be refused if the name can cause confusion, mistake or embarrassment by you or any other person. It can also be refused if there is reason to suspect a name is being changed for fraudulent or improper purposes.

It is also required that the entire name is written in characters of the Roman alphabet.

How much will it cost me to change my name?

The name change application costs $137.00

A certificate is included in the application costs but you can order more copies (varying between $15.00 and $22.00)

Change of name in Ontario, Canada

Requirements for changing your name in Ontario include the following:

  • You have to be at least 16 years old
  • Lived in Ontario for at least one year

When you change your name in Ontario, the name change gets published in the Ontario Gazette. You can request that the name change be kept confidential (if publication can lead to significant harm).

Where can I get an application to change my name?

You can get a name change application at the Office of Registrar General:

Legal advice for name changes in Canada

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